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Advantages of Using Soft Tube Packaging for Specialty Cosmetics

Advantages of Using Soft Tube Packaging for Specialty Cosmetics

With the significant increase of appearance for both men and women, there has been a rising need for cosmetics in today’s market. As a manufacturer of specialty cosmetics, you need to be able to create an impact on the buyer and allow them to try the amazing product first. For the most part, consumers now do more research, rather than purchasing a great cosmetic. They want it at a cost-effective price and consider environmental standards. The use of soft tubes for specialty cosmetics meets several requirements of manufacturers.


Using soft tubes can be an inexpensive way of delivering cosmetics to the buyer. Advancements in technology have made this type of packaging more reasonably priced. It is also relatively simple to put a label on the products to produce custom brands for a small number of cosmetics.

Packaging Flexibility

Soft tubes provide better flexibility for manufacturers. These tubes can hold as little of 3 ml of a specialty product with a capacity of 270 ml. This allows the manufacturer to provide small samples or smaller tubes of high-priced specialty cosmetics to impress first time buyers. They can also offer greater sized tubes of similar products.


These tubes can be created to have various head types such as needle point tips, slanted needle point tips and many more. The outer appearance of these tubes can also be modified to replicate the product and the brand. A buyer can decide from metallic covers, printed and silk screen labels in a variety of colors. This is to guarantee that the specialty cosmetic will stand out on the shelves of a store.


Depending on what type of cosmetic is being packaging, the manufacturer can include a brush tip applicator, a metal tip applicator, or a single use twist top to make sure that a buyer is able to use the product with no difficulty. This flexibility improves the efficiency of soft tubes for both manufacturers and customers.


A soft tube is an environmentally friendly alternative that allows the manufacturer to consider in their branding efforts. When using soft tubes, it is possible to fill accurate amounts into the packaging. You can then recycle and reuse unused packaging material. Lastly, the raw materials used for tube packaging have developed to become more environmentally friendly with advancements in technology.

Dependable Packaging

Soft tubes are durable and guarantees that specialty cosmetics and their distinctive compounds will continue to stay durable for the shelf life of the product.

Soft Tubes - Novvia Group BrandingEase of Transportation

Transporting specialty cosmetics are much easier when using soft tubes. The tubes are not as bulky when compared to the older plastic jars and pumps. They are much lighter in weight and cost less when transporting to retailers.

Ease of Use

Customers would rather have the convenience that a soft tube provides. Even though squeezable tubes were initially used for food products such as jams, jellies, and mayonnaise. These tubes are now very popular with cosmetic manufacturers. A buyer loves that a soft tube comes with an assortment of head types, which allows for the dispensing of cosmetics much easier. Customers can simply dispense the correct amount of cosmetic that they need, while lowering the total wasted product.


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