Our Philosophy

Let us be your one stop shop! We have the answers to all your packaging needs so you can be logistically and financially efficient.

Because we source from all over the world, we can provide the best quality for the right price. Our manufacturers can produce FDA approved glass and plastic bottles, vials and syringes in clean rooms, helping customers avoid expensive sterilization fees. We also have a repacking robot so your bottles arrive in 12-packs face up and ready to fill.

Here at Silver Spur Corporation, we understand that our customers want the highest quality for the most reasonable price; therefore, we provide the best value deals by partnering with top quality manufacturers and providing pricing that allows for our customers to be cost effective and extremely efficient.

Due to our large volume of diverse product, we are able to provide value pricing.

Our Philosophy

Honest, reliable service has been the hallmark of Silver Spur’s promise to deliver exceptional packaging since 1978.

You are in good hands with a dependable team, ready to respond to your needs and answer questions about your packaging requirements. Count on us to respond quickly and accurately.

our philosophy

Silver Spur delivers the highest quality products due to the strong partnerships with our top manufacturing partners. We are excited to have a strong relationship with you, as well, based on our ability to fulfill your demanding packaging needs, whether it be bottles, jars, or other custom packaging solution you require.

With access to the best facilities in the field, Silver Spur can provide any product a customer can dream up, including specialized products that require FDA approved glass, Borosilicate glass, certified pre-sanitized glass, USP Type I, II, III injection vials, and closures. We are also able to supply custom molds in any color – Cobalt Blue, Amber, Flint, Green, etc.

Our manufacturers are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certified. US and European Pharmacopoeia, Drug Master File.

We work with you to get your custom design created and delivered. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members and request samples!