Posted on September 25, 2020

Selecting the Right Bottle Color

The color of a bottle plays a major role in the presentation and protection of your products. It can be the source of much confusion too. Customers often start placing orders with us and we end up explaining why their products would make more sense in a different color.

We thought it would be helpful to offer a quick primer on the bottle colors offered by Silver Spur and where each of them shines.

Bottle Colors 101


Perfect for showcasing what’s in the bottle. Use Flint glass when UV rays aren’t a concern because it doesn’t offer light protection. Commonly used for food, beverages, liquor & more.


Ideal for products that require maximum UV protection or where minimal product visibility is desired. Amber bottles bring a pharmaceutical-grade feel to a product that radiates credibility.

Cobalt Blue

Offers significant protection from UV rays, although less than amber. Cobalt blue brings high product visibility and a natural/earthy feel to products. A favorite for many nutraceuticals.


Provides a unique aesthetic for product differentiation. Green glass offers minimal UV protection, but more than flint. Often used for wine bottles and droppers.

There is a color, shape, and proper closure for all bottled products that can help your merchandise stand out from the crowd. Not sure which color makes the most sense for your product?  Feel free to contact us any time and we’ll be happy to help.

We know bottles like the back of our hand and actually enjoy talking about this stuff. Seriously!