Posted on May 28, 2020

The NEW Supply Chain Paradox

freight truck delivering quality Silver Spur products

We have seen the biggest disruption in global supply chains in the past 18 months, affecting various sectors of our economy. First, it was the imposition of tariffs, duties and punitive anti-dumping regulations having geo-political implications that were man-made. At Silver Spur, we were proactive, and made significant efforts in diversifying our sourcing. It was a historic pivot after 40 years of perfecting product development, manufacturing and logistics with a handful of producers. By late 2019, and after a year-long effort, we had successfully repaired our supply chain to adapt to changing geo-political realities. We now have replaced and built redundancies for our entire product line, that will not be subject to or exposed to tariff, duty or any other man-made event.

Just as we celebrated our success and then BAM! we faced a pandemic unlike anything our generation has ever experienced. Not only will it have a lasting impact in our personal lives, there are many businesses which will be permanently impacted, some will thrive because of it, but many will struggle in recovery.

Fortunately for Silver Spur, the effects have been minimal as we built redundancies in advance of these events. As if by foresight and careful planning, we now have both legacy and new sources of production. The pandemic did impact our newly acquired production facilities, transportation and shipping line partners, and even port closures, which was unthinkable a few months ago. We encountered unexpected scenarios – several furnaces were shut down by local authorities as they were deemed ‘non-essential’, and one country invoked national security for limiting exports. As we have learned the hard way, managing supply chains from various facilities under changing conditions is only navigable by the most experienced and resourceful teams today. And I might add, best prepared, even if only accidentally!

In the last three months, Silver Spur’s sourcing team has done a yeoman’s job in being agile, disciplined and responsive in moving production, logistics and flexing the entire supply chain to meet growing demand for critical items we are best known for, without missing a beat. As a result, we celebrated the highest shipping volume month in our company’s history, this April.

Thank you to our clients for working with us, as we have moved rapidly to fill every order. We have beefed up our stock levels in response. Even as our customer-facing staff have had to work remotely, they have been exceedingly productive and responsive to the heightened demand.

To our loyal customers, thank you for your continued patronage and we want to convey our deep appreciation for your patience as we ramp up production for a large variety of products from our newly diversified supply facilities which will include tariff-free products, and of the quality you have come to expect from us – both in glass and plastic.