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Custom Glass Bottles:
Manufacturer, Supplier & Distributor

Glass Wine Bottles

Custom Glass Bottles and Glass Jars
Silver Spur Corporation has the ability to build a custom mold designed to fit your exact needs .  Our mold fees are a fraction of what most other packaging manufacturers charge.  Lead-time from concept to product in hand is often less than 90 days.  We can take your ideas and together with our teams of technicians, experienced engineers, and creative consultants help you design the package that will represent your product the way you intended it to be. 

We are able to do this by affiliating ourselves with not only the largest glass manufacturer in Taiwan, but by searching out additional glass manufacturers with unique abilities and a shared desire to provide clients with a high quality product, at reasonable prices, and with the service you deserve. 

Silver Spur has the ability to supply virtually all your glass packaging needs.

Custom Glass Bottles

Custom Plastic Bottles
Silver Spur offers custom container mold making capabilities.  Our in house Packaging Engineer and Sales Staff are available to answer your questions regarding having a custom Plastic Bottle or jar mold produced.  If you are looking for something unique or have a particular package requirement that you can not locate; and would like to have a custom mold designed, let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

We would be happy to work with you on developing a mold and can help bring your production idea to life.  We can work with HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP and more.  Just let us know your requirements and our staff is ready to help. 

Glass Bottles

Custom plastic bottle mold requirements will usually call for annual quantities of 100,000 pieces or more depending on the size of the container.  Production run requirements will usually be for runs of a minimum of 25,000 pieces or more.  If there is a project you are interested in pursuing, you can contact our sales staff for further details and a custom quotation.

To satiate today's increasingly sophisticated customers, your food and beverage product must not only look and taste great, it must also be convenient to use, mobile, and re-closable.  To compete, you've got to enter the market with absolutely innovative packaging.  At the same time, you've got to continually drive cost reduction strategies through the business to keep your prices - and your profits - in line.

Our extensive experience in both glass and plastics packaging gives us an advantage on most of the competition.  We know typical bottlenecks and how to design for fill line optimization.  We are experienced with in-case filling, flow-through packaging, barriers, and what it means to protect your product though its life cycle.

We also understand the fine balance between stock and custom containers.  With thousands of molds in our collection, we've got a package for just about every application.  If we don't have the exact mold for your needs, we'll design a custom package for you. 


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